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Sleeves Up Meet Up @Sahara Lounge Bar

The third Sleeves Up Meet Up took place at Sahara Shisha and Lounge Bar in Differdange, co-owned by Mustafa Al-Faraj and Ahmed Alkhafaji. With a third partner, they took over an existing business in the summer of 2017. They shared their experience about what went well and what they would do differently today.

Mustafa and Ahmed explained why they decided to take over a business instead of starting a new one, differences in terms of procedure, and difficulties and opportunities they encountered. There were sixteen participants in total, many of whom posed questions and actively participated in the discussion. A tasty lunch plate, filled with Sahara's top culinary choices, accompanied the event.

The opportunity was also taken to inform attendants about the imminent start of the first and this year's only Fit4Entrepreneurship session in English. Fit4Entrepreneurship is a training and coaching program offered by ADEM for unemployed persons who'd like to start their own businesses. The program represents a natural extension of Sleeves Up workshops, and five Sleeves Upers have chosen to sign up.

Our Sleeves Up Meet Ups are monthly meetings over food with active entrepreneurs to inspire and inform. Sharing & Connecting is essential to any starting a lasting business. So, if you'd like to be involved in future Meet Ups, please contact to learn more about how it works.


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