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Welcoming Europe: Sign the petition!

Helping people is NOT a crime!

This is why we have joined forces with organisations around Europe to launch the first European Citizens’ Initiative to empower a #WelcomingEurope and reclaim our right to help. Through this direct democracy tool, we can compel the European Commission and Parliament to respond to our demands. Join us now and sign the petition!

Governments cannot cope with the challenges posed by migration. Most of us want to support people who need it, because we cannot be indifferent to their fate. Millions of people have mobilized to provide support. Today, we want to be heard. Demand a welcoming Europe! We call on the European Commission to act.

Here's a summary of the proposal for which the Commission is invited to act:

1. Citizens from all over Europe want to sponsor refugees to give them a safe home and a new life. We want the Commission to provide direct support to local groups assisting refugees who are issued a national visa.

2. No one should be prosecuted or fined for providing humanitarian aid or shelter. We want the Commission to prevent Member States from punishing citizens in solidarity.

3. Everyone has the right to justice. We want the Commission to guarantee more effective means and rules to defend all victims of labor exploitation and crime in Europe, as well as all those who are victims of human rights violations on our borders.

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