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Business MeetUps - Syriously Restaurant

It is generally agreed by entrepreneurs that resources required to create and operate a business are limited. This affirms the famous definition of economics by Lionel Robins. Surprisingly though, there are some valuable resources that are almost limitless. During the Business MeetUps at Syriously Restaurant in Beggen on Wednesday 3rd of April, the entrepreneur, Klaus Gehlhaar, inspired participants by helping them realise the abundant resources in everyday experiences, professional or personal, negative or positive. His history as an entrepreneur demonstrated how everyday dealings with people and the environment can be harnessed to the benefit and profitability of a business. Klaus, the partner and co-owner of the furniture company, Zaor Studio Furniture, shared events from his life, even as a teenager, that has shaped and benefited his entrepreneurial ventures. The atmosphere of the event was elated by the generous recall of his experiences and journey as an entrepreneur. For two hours, participants asked questions and discussed practical ways they can actualise their business ideas. At the end of the event, faces brimmed with smiles as a result of what had been learned, the inspirations gotten and also, the delicious menu offered by Mahmoud's Syriously Restaurant.


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