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MeetUps with Vanessa Defournier at Syriously Restaurant

Living in a new country adds an extra layer to the challenges an entrepreneur will face in the process of setting up his/her business. A particular challenge is an absence of social capital essential to facilitating the acquisition of other resources needed for turning ideas into successful businesses.

At Business Meetups, held over lunch at Syriously Oriental Restaurant on Wednesday, June 26th, entrepreneur Vanessa Defournier explained how to acquire social capital. True to her expertise as a coach and facilitator, her approach is simple and practical. She established her company, Innerlatitude, shortly after arriving in Luxembourg. Her experience supports the idea that the life of an immigrant is more of a continuation and less a beginning from scratch - experiences acquired elsewhere are useful in the new country of residence. She talked about her frequent attendance of social and business events however remotely related to her business interests. These places and situations provide opportunities to meet people, build networks and acquire social capital quickly and steadily. She emphasised the need to be open minded and not be scared to make mistakes, ask “foolish” questions and learn.

In her experience, maintaining a positive mindset is important. She recounted how her negative mindset during her first few months in Luxembourg impacted most aspects of her life.

More than 10 budding entrepreneurs of diverse nationalities attended the event. They asked questions both specific to their projects and generally useful to all.


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